SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform is an open platform as a service that provides unique in-memory database and application services. Quickly build, extend, and integrate modern mobile-enabled apps – simply – to meet your business needs now.

Forget infrastructure costs and scale without limit Harness the power of high-volume, high-speed, in-memory computing securely and reliably from the cloud.

Rapidly develop and run new applications in the cloud to engage customers and create new revenue opportunities

Quickly extend and customize on-premise and cloud applications in a secure environment

Effectively tap into the digital economy by connecting a new generation of Internet enabled devices

Deliver great user experiences

  • Build and scale user interfaces that are simple, personalized, and responsive
  • Minimize costly design rework and accelerate application development
  • Use prebuilt application and design templates for fast and simplified development

Integrate cloud apps seamlessly and securely

  • Synchronize data and processes across cloud, on-premise, and third-party systems
  • Securely collaborate with customers and partners at scale to improve efficiencies
  • Integrate data from equipment sensors, remote devices, and online sentiment

Use a complete application development toolkit instantly

  • Run a cloud-connected development platform with no requirements for installation
  • Simplify every phase – from prototyping and development to packaging and deployment
  • Code and collaborate from anywhere

Embed secure social collaboration capabilities into your apps

  • Weave social capabilities and business data into the applications people use every day
  • Access and share business content securely to increase team productivity
  • Incorporate gamification concepts quickly into new and existing applications

Support high-volume transaction processing and Big Data analysis for less

  • Answer any question in real time with high-volume, high-speed data analysis across systems
  • Process transactions at any scale quickly and reliably without additional infrastructure costs
  • Use a single platform for predictive analytics, geospatial processing, and data virtualization

Create, deploy, and manage enterprise-ready mobile apps quickly

  • Deliver complete and secure mobile app support on a single platform
  • Integrate mobile app development and administration in the cloud with on-premise systems
  • Deploy full-featured mobile apps with offline synchronization, automatic updates, and notifications

Move from sensor to action with Internet of Things (IoT) services

  • Build real-time applications for IoT, machine-to-machine, and remote data synchronization
  • Optimize core business processes with real-time predictive analytics
  • Introduce new products and services by accessing interactive sensor data from remote devices

Power an open marketplace for new and innovative cloud applications

  • Choose from a variety of services to quickly create business-ready applications
  • Speed deployment with rapid application development services
  • Support customers and e-commerce with prepackaged applications and microbusiness services