SAP S/4HANA - The next-generation ERP business suite

SAP S/4HANA is a real-time ERP suite for digital business. Run a truly live business with SAP S/4HANA – an in-memory ERP suite that acts as the “digital core” of your entire enterprise.

SAP S/4HANA supports the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, real-time analytics, mobile, business networks, third-party systems, and more. It is immediate – empowering business users with insights to act in the moment. It is intelligent – going beyond automation to provide predictive suggestions. And it is integrated – not only among your departments, but with the world.

SAP S/4HANA Finance

Ensure one source of the truth for finance and operational data and run prediction, simulation, and what-if analysis to continuously improve planning.

SAP S/4HANA Human Resources

Manage your entire workforce, from employees to contingent workers, with a complete system of engagement.

SAP S/4HANA Sourcing and Procurement

Manage direct materials, indirect goods, services, contingent labor, and travel from a single platform.

SAP S/4HANA Supply Chain

Support monthly S&OP planning cycles with real-time data and what-if scenarios. Sense short term demand and respond quickly.

SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing

Identify critical material issues, options, and consequences. Maximize enterprise-wide visibility across supply, production, inventory, and demand.

SAP S/4HANA Research and Development (R&D)

Enable a multi-discipline product definition and run what-if analysis and iterative design processes.

SAP S/4HANA Asset Management

Predict and prevent downtime by analyzing data generated by machines and sensors in addition to business data.


Effectively manage accounts, opportunities, and other activities – and maximize sales insights with advanced analytics.

SAP S/4HANA Marketing and Commerce

Consolidate customer information into one enriched view, and leverage advanced analytics to gain insights.

SAP S/4HANA Service

Leverage on-premise systems of record to quickly resolve customer issues or execute service orders