Consumer Products

Trade Management Solutions

We enable to plan and execute trade promotions designed to maximize return on investment using SAP solutions.

  • Reach increasingly refined segments of consumers with timely and engaging promotional offers. 
  • Leverage real-time visibility to actual consumer demand to assess promotion effectiveness, quickly simulate available options to make fast course corrections, and to predict and optimize future promotions. 
  • Enable cross-functional collaboration with marketing, supply chain and finance to maximize consumer sell-through, drive promotion spend ROI, and ensure promotional and financial compliance

Demand-Driven Business Planning

We help to align strategic, financial, commercial, and operational goals with SAP solutions for demand-driven business planning.

  • Develop short-, mid-, and long-term views of expected demand across channels.
  • Plan through cross-functional collaboration, analysis, and optimization of real-time demand signals, supply constraints, and inventory requirements.
  • Extend planning by collaborating with customers, partners, and suppliers.
  • Translate the plan into actionable targets for fulfillment systems.

Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Management

We enable to reduce risk and cost through increased savings opportunities, sourcing efficiency, and contract and supplier compliance through: integrated suite of cloud-based strategic sourcing and supplier management solutions from SAP.

Predictive Analytics

Our predictive analytics solution from SAP can help to:

  • Accelerate decisions with automated predictive techniques and results
  • Deploy and manage thousands of predictive data sets and models cost effectively
  • Scale to mass adoption level by bringing insights where people interact - in processes and applications