Engineering and Construction

Simplify prefabrication management

Now there’s an easier, more affordable way to offer custom-engineered solutions with short lead times. We enable companies in prefabrication management and support efficient engineer-to-order and project manufacturing

Integrate contract and invoice management

By integrating electronic documents, we enable companies to speed up invoice processing, provide access to accurate vendor information, support prompt invoice dispatching, and more.

Project Management and Collaboration

The key is to empower project managers for success. Help project managers operate efficiently and collaboratively with project-centric insights. With our recommended approach and solution we help resolve issues quickly and deliver high-quality projects that clients expect. Align project operations for efficient flow and resolution of tasks. Identify trends early and disseminate lessons effectively. Collaborate with staff, partners, and third parties to deliver projects consistently. Maintain high transparency for smoother information sharing among stakeholders.

Equipment and Tools Management

Proactively manage equipment use for maximum return on investment. Deliver equipment and materials to the appropriate locations and monitor equipment performance and use over time with SAP software. Plan deliveries, create and manage requisitions, generate shipping documentation, and track the location and performance of equipment, from acquisition through retirement. The software lets you maximize equipment use and have faster settlements. You can proactively plan and manage use for a better return on asset investments and a better bottom line.