The Discrete & Process Manufacturing industry’s winners have always been companies that can innovate and move quickly. But transformative new technologies are reshaping the industry – forcing everyone to innovate even faster.

We enable Manufacturing Industry to transform their business with innovative technologies

Planning in the Digital Age: The Customer Wants it All (and on Short Notice)

The supply chain planning team spent the past few months refining a forecast and collaborating with suppliers. But now the customer needs twice as much product than they had previously forecast. We help to face this challenge and reallocate components and finished goods inventory to the new high-priority order.

As fast as the market – how digital supply chains change the business

In the real world, customer demands change and supply disruptions happen. Consumers and collaborative business partners have new expectations. We show the options to the supply chain to be agile enough to respond.

Integrated Product Development

Every manufacturer need to develop new products quickly and go to market faster than their competitors, while continuously reducing their production costs. We help manufacturers integrate silos operating at multiple locations, collaborate across multiple functions, streamline the ramp-up process, and develop products that comply with regulations. We enable manufacturers to have a single point place for organizing production product data and managing compliance checks, as well as establish a controlled transfer of product data to manufacturing handover approach. Ultimately, this helps in developing new products which preserve brand value and protect revenue margins.